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If you have questions or problems you can reach us from Monday to Friday between 08.30 o'clock and 17,30 o'clock by telephone: +49 (0) 9433 20413-0.

v-amily info

The members of our V-amily are on the one hand human animals who use their art to work towards the VEGAN REVOLUTION and who self-confidently show their V-style. We support these role models by equipping them regularly with our clothing.

On the other hand we are also supporting non-human animals financially which have been saved from a certain death. Homes have been built for them where they are being treated with respect and where they will hopefully be able to live a fulfilled and painless life.

You want to become a member of our V-amily too?

Usually we look for and find suitable new V-amily-members on our own. You can still send us your nonbinding request, but please do not be disappointed if you get on our waiting list at first or if we have to put you off.

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