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v-amily heaven shall burn

..."for the weakest of the weak - for the lowest of the low - my voice for the voiceless - my fists for the innocent - the innocent"... (song: "voice of the voiceless" | album: "antigone")

The band from Thuringia unites melodic choruses with hardcore elements and extreme death and trash metal. The lyrics deal with political topics like the battle against racism and fascism, respect for the environment and governmental control. The lyrics are also influenced by the band members' veganism. Furthermore Heaven Shall Burn invite their listeners to have a closer look at false idols, leaders and the distribution of power in societies and to independently question these things politically as well as unpolitically. We are not asking our fellow human beings to do pretty much the same. Thats why HSB are also members of the AVENGING ANIMALS V-amily.

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